Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quickies: SF Pussies

     What has become of the once individualist and manly science fiction reader?

     There's big trouble at Stevenson College in California. Students are accusing the school of racism and insensitivity after they were served Mexican food during a sci-fi theme night.

     The students were specifically upset about the use of the word "aliens” – as in space aliens. They say combining refried beans with creatures from another world is racist - because apparently mistaking Chewbacca for an illegal jumping a border fence is a thing.

     Instead of telling the offended students blow it out their burrito, the college ran for the border. The school's Diversity & Inclusion office fired off this apology:

     "We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and aliens and I am sorry that our College Night appeared to do exactly that.”

     The college went on to say, "This incident demonstrated a cultural insensitivity on the part of the program planners.”

     The young people who came up with the idea will now be subjected to something called "cultural competence training," which is rich, seeing how the Office of Diversity & Inclusion is a few tacos shy of competence itself.

     The only appropriate response to such leftist cultural fascism is Fuck Off! No other is acceptable. But given recent developments in the F&SF community, perhaps it’s foolish of me to expect a self-respecting response such as that to emerge from a college administration.

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