Tuesday, April 21, 2015


CSO: How’d you like the pot roast?
FWP: Terrific. Tender and flavorful.

CSO: God bless our slow cooker.
FWP: You know, whether animals share in the afterlife is a bone of contention in the Church.

CSO: (eyebrows raised) Pope Francis says they do.
FWP: Oh, there’ve been clerics who think so, but it’s never been the doctrinal position.

CSO: Well, if the pope says it...
FWP: Yeah. And as it’s a theological matter, it’s covered by infallibility.

CSO: So that’s settled, then?
FWP: I suppose. But has he said anything about kitchen appliances?
CSO: (coffee streams from nose)


FrozenPatriot said...

Aaaah, the Fran we know and love. Well played, sir.

And thanks for all you do. That doesn't get said enough.

Adrienne said...

How did you get from "God bless the slow cooker" to talking about the afterlife for animals?

I don't think the CSO was wanting to take her slow cooker with her when she died. Or, then again, maybe she does.

Pope Francis should practice quietude.

tz said...

He didn't say all dogs go to heaven. Maybe the slow cooker takes an eternity.

CopperHead Road said...

Touché, tz!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Thanks for the bright spot.