Saturday, April 18, 2015

Quickies: “Brothers”

     No doubt you’ve heard about the Good Samaritan who, seeing a mob of teenagers descend violently upon an elderly white woman, was then roughed up himself. But you might not know that this was a black-on-black assault:

     The best explanation for black mob violence just might come from a place where it is an everyday fact of life: Memphis.

     “It’s fun,” said one black person to a local reporter inquiring about why so many “teens” are so eager to be so violent.

     But the central organizing feature of the violence is not age. It is race. The members of these mobs are black.

     Not the most “brotherly” behavior, eh what? And it’s become endemic in places where the population is preponderantly Negro. But of course, I’m a racist for having even noticed that.

     For aggregating and documenting these phenomena, Colin Flaherty deserves the Medal of Freedom. He’ll never get it, of course.


Dr.D said...
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Steady Steve said...

If you are white and going to a gas station where a mob of blacks hangs out,and aren't smart enough to arm yourself, you are an idiot. The fact is, unless these scumbags are gunned down in large numbers, they will not fear that their actions have any consequences.