Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pearls of expression.

Pearls of expression.
Sanders is a lifelong government employee (like Hillary, Cruz, and Kasich). The self-declared socialist is an economically ignorant, hostile, mildly demented old man—the Democrats answer to John McCain.
"Election 2016 - The Next 'Advance Auction On Stolen Goods.'" By Doug Casey,, 4/14/16 (bold formatting removed).

H/t: Zero Hedge.


Anonymous said...

So old Doug runs down 100 reasons to vote Trump and then says he's above all of us pee-ons and won't.

I used to read him back in the 00s and now Io remember why I stopped.

Fucking douche

Col. B. Bunny said...

That may be the only thing of Casey's I've read. His analysis of the parties and players was decent but I certainly don't get the logic of "I hope he wins but I won't be voting for him." Call me stupid but I just don't.

This is clearly a time when the "natives are restless" and there's a good chance that boundaries that politicians have assumed are eternal are about to shift. Kind of like the earth's magnetic poles reversing. Not that dramatic, of course, but traditional-minded people now find themselves to be a swing vote, if you will.

Consequently, voting is very likely to be important. After all, people voting in the primaries DID ensure against all establishment expectation that Jeb is now at home cutting out paper dolls.

I get weary at all times when Enlightened Persons talk of "religious fundamentalists." For crying out loud, can't one be a Christian without being (a) on the verge of sacrificing one's first born as soon as they might hear The Call or (b) organizing a commune to wait for the Rapture? It's like saying a leftist who favors a minimum wage also is in favor of forced labor camps in the Arctic. Ok, THAT happens to be true but there are other examples of what I mean.

And that kind of labeling overlooks the infinite varieties of non-faith-based zealotry. No. We're all rational and balanced in what we do, say and think. We're not like those "religious fundamentalists."