Monday, January 23, 2017

Concerning The “Women’s March”

     The march I went to yesterday was all anti-Trump. Every single one of them was showcasing ‘solidarity’ against Trump. There were signs saying “safe abortions” and “LGBTQ Rights.” I can’t imagine the hell fire that would have come down if it was revealed that I, a pro-lifer and an AltRighter, was among them. These kinds of protests only have room for the women who agree with them. Women on the left will spout “tolerance” and “love” and “acceptance” of other cultures and beliefs to the point where your ears will bleed. But that tolerance ends when you don’t agree with them. Half the population of women in the U.S. are pro-life, and less than 20% identify as a feminist. The more exposure third wave feminism gets as a regressive movement that has made women progressively less happy since women’s liberation, and the more social justice warriors shit on white men, the fewer women identify with feminism. Thank goodness. -- Bre Faucheux

     That’s probably a bit too much truth for a contemporary “women’s rights” press it on one today!

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Anonymous said...

"But that tolerance ends when you don’t agree with them." True of the entirety of the left.