Friday, January 13, 2017

Obama, Clinton and Panetta and the disgrace that was Benghazi.

The example referenced by commenter Retired_ABN_1SG is Obama's vindictive and petty hounding of the Little Sisters of the Poor on the issue of providing birth control:
The example you provide, Mr. Heck, is both notable of his petty smallness and most worthy of revulsion to all morally directed persons. Only the most shallow and truly lost souls could argue against your point. But, I contend that there are numerous examples of just how pathetic this small, petulant, self-absorbed wannabe man will be remembered, with each representative of the background of the persons he sought to marginalize or reduce.

Mine personally is the Benghazi tragedy.

Those brave Americans fought like true American Warriors, covering each other numerous times while also unhesitantly exposing themselves to immediate danger if needed to help one another survive just a little longer, because they knew deep down inside that help would come.

They did not question whether or not it was even possible help wasn't just over the horizon. They were Americans by God; they knew that other Americans, at that very moment, we're packed tight inside Blackhawks and the pilots had the engines firewalled heading into any second, they would hear a voice on the radio who was the pilot of an AC-130 ready to rain hell down on those intent upon killing them....they knew, that they would make it, if they could just hold on, because Americans never, never, PHOUCKING NEVER leave Americans behind.


For that, more than anything else, to me, I will never forgive either him, or the beast wife of Bubba, or panetta, or any of the others involved. . . .

Comment by Retired_ABN_1SG on "The one act that defined President Barack Obama." By Peter Heck, American Thinker, 1/12/17 (minor formatting, spelling changed).

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