Friday, January 27, 2017

Enemies And How To Treat Them Part 2

     I’m a bit weary this morning, but rather than declare a “day off” and return to sleep, I thought I might present a couple of bits of evidence that confirm my thesis of yesterday. I’m fairly sure my Gentle Readers will enjoy them, if they haven’t already.

     First up is this report about sorrows at the Environmental Protection Agency:

     Environmental Protection Agency employees have not accepted Donald Trump’s victory and are still “coming to work in tears” more than two months after the election.

     “At EPA headquarters, the mood remains dark,” ProPublica reported Wednesday. “A longtime career communications employee said in a phone interview Tuesday that more than a few friends were ‘coming to work in tears’ each morning as they grappled with balancing the practical need to keep their jobs with their concerns for the issues they work on.”

     Trump’s victory has been tough for bureaucrats. The State Department held stress workshops after the election so they would not “become paralyzed by fear.” EPA employees were caught crying before, just after the election, as were White House aides. Energy Department employees were granted counseling. Sobbing staffers greeted Hillary Clinton on Capitol Hill a month after her loss.

     EPA employees are upset that the new president will take a different approach than the Obama administration. ProPublica called Trump’s nomination of Scott Pruitt, the Oklahoma attorney general who has sued the EPA over its climate change regulations, to lead the agency “dramatic.”

     EPA bureaucrats are unhappy about the new Administration? I wonder why. Possibly because they know that for the first time, they face a president who refuses to give lip service to this supposedly “popular” organ of the federal government. Presidential lip service is invariably rewarded with demands for more money, facilities, and power. Presidential advisors routinely counsel presidents not to “cross” the EPA, lest there be a “backlash” from an electorate convinced of the EPA’s “necessity.”

     If President Trump is getting any of that from his inner circle, he isn’t buying it. He knows that the demands of the “green bigots” (Thomas Sowell) have gone way overboard. He knows what the effects on business and commerce, and therefore on employment and general prosperity, have been. And he’s publicly proclaimed that it will cease.

     The EPA has never been treated that way before. Its people are used to getting their way: growing ever more numerous, becoming ever better funded, and exercising ever more pervasive and invasive powers. The prospect of being put in their place, admittedly a consummation yet to be effectuated, has unhinged them.

     Second, ponder this incident at West Virginia University:

     ‘Why the f— are you filming me right now?’

     What started as a meeting between progressive and conservative student groups to discuss a possible public debate turned violent Wednesday night, according to video captured by one of the participants.

     A member of the West Virginia University Left Alliance physically attacked a member of the campus Turning Point USA chapter who was recording him after the meeting had ended on a sour note and the groups had dispersed.

     A source who knows the aggressor identified him to The College Fix as Kelley Denham, who is also president of the WVU Gender Equality Movement, a student group.

     Another Turning Point participant seen in the video, Kaitlynn Critchfield, told The Fix that Denham threw her against the wall and tried to take her phone before he was recorded attacking the other member who was filming. She said she alerted the campus police after the incident.

     Critchfield said she had started recording the meeting after Denham told the TPUSA members to “get the fuck out,” because she feared for their safety.

     What Miss Critchfield had done – filming a nominally public gathering being held on public grounds – is entirely legal under the laws of West Virginia and those of the United States. However, it threatened to disclose the nature of the “Gender Equality Movement,” a hard-left organization that cannot stand to be exposed to the sunlight. Kelley Denham, the student who assaulted her, probably acted in part from the fear that he might be prosecuted...and as we now have video evidence of his deeds, he just might.

     It’s been said more than once that in this Second Civil War for control over the laws, policies, and public norms of the United States, only one side has been fighting. In those instances when the other side has decided to get serious, the panic of the Left has been palpable. They don’t like facing an active, counterpunching opponent that can bring their true nature into the open.

     Far less will they enjoy the rising of decent Americans, men and women committed to justice above all other things, against their skullduggery, intimidation, vandalism, and violence.

     We can beat these clowns. Indeed, we can beat them so thoroughly that they won’t even dare to whimper. But to do so, we must be ready, willing, and able to fight.

     Carry a recording device.
     Travel armed.
     Be alert.

     The hour of decision is drawing near.


Tim Turner said...

If you follow the link on the West Virginia University link, have a look at the "Most Popular" sidebar on the right. More evidence that the Left is fighting - on several levels.

Anonymous said...

They have always been fighting. The SLA & other fringe leftist loons took it to the streets. Their offensive was twofold: seize control of the organs of the state & the public education sector, & fight it out in the streets via rioting & looting. What happens when they begin to take violence very seriously? Folks, we're armed, and many of us trained. They can do likewise. Most likely they will. We know, based on their philosophy & tactics, they will shoot/bomb first. Just imagine what follows in the current climate. Tit-for-tat retaliation will occur. It'll be ugly & messy. El Salvidor, or, Nicaragua like carnage.

Anonymous said...

When one is pushed to violence it is good to remember the immortal words of Conan the Barbarian: crush your enemies and see them driven before you.

I prefer peace and will employ superior firepower to ensure it.