Wednesday, January 25, 2017

“The Red Pill”

     You may have heard the phrase, specifically in connection with the Men’s Rights movement. But unless you contributed to its making, you haven’t seen the documentary.

     I just did. It’s magnificent.

     Cassie Jaye (“Jaye Bird Productions”) has made an extraordinary contribution to the national dialogue on gender issues. In just short of two hours, she depicts both the positions and obstacles of the major figures in the Men’s Rights movement and the efforts of their detractors to denigrate and silence Men’s Rights figures and events, along with her own snowballing realization that in a world that encourages the trumpeting of “women’s issues” but does its best to ignore or silence any expression of men’s concerns, something is very wrong.

     Gentle Reader, see this movie. Showings will be widespread over the upcoming weeks; go to the website for details about where it’s already been placed and scheduled. If you’re familiar with the Men’s Rights movement and are generally sympathetic to its representations, it will broaden your knowledge, acquainting you with aspects and attitudes you might never have considered. If you’re unacquainted with it, it’s likely to blow your mind – especially if you’ve largely accepted the “women are oppressed / men are oppressors and predators” paradigm promoted by feminist activists.

     Most people don’t bother with documentaries. Make The Red Pill an exception. Seriously. You’ll thank me.

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Bob T. said...

Was going to wait to comment until I had seen my copy, but in the meantime, I'm grateful that at least one person whose opinion I respect agrees that our sponsorship of this film wasn't a waste of money. I was happy to take the chance, and would defend my choice to do so regardless of how the project turned out. These are truly interesting times.