Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gun Free Zones: A Sermonette

     This just came my way on Gab.ai:

     I can’t help but think there’s “too much truth” there for the typical anti-gunner to fathom.


  1. The photo says it all. Not the author, I know, but certainly the type.

  2. How sad that many would identify with this line of 'thought'. That the 'redneck' neutralized the threat and immediately moved to triage the wounded yet is considered a murderer is crazy. Luckily we have this type around to 'take action' and 'reblog' things so as to keep the world safe.

    In my foxhole I'll take a redneck any day. Of course special snowflakes could be good too- I'm sure they replace sandbags just fine.


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