Saturday, January 21, 2017

Paradigm shift.

Again, it was Trump who read the nation right, which is why he is taking the oath today.

The existential threat to the West no longer comes from the East, from a Russian army crashing through Poland and Germany and driving for the Elbe and Fulda Gap.

The existential threat to the West comes, instead, from the South.

The billion-plus peoples of the Maghreb, Middle East and sub-Sahara, whose numbers are exploding, are moving inexorably toward the Med, coming to occupy the empty places left by an aging and dying Europe, all of whose native-born populations steadily shrink.

American's bleeding border is what concerns Americans, not the borders of Estonia, South Korea, Kuwait or the South China Sea.[1]

I know otherwise sensible people who think that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a deception operation and that Vladimir Putin has dreams of restoring communism to Russia and completing the communist conquest of Europe. These thinkers are the modern equivalent of the Japanese soldiers who stayed on for decades in the jungles of the Philippines after WWII whose commanding officers had to be sent back in to persuade them that the war was over and they could go home.

However, a large portion of the Treason Class is not just misguided but dishonest in their supposed fear of Russia. Also, the straight out lies this class has told about Libya and Syria and their complicity in the Saudis' financing of terror around the world make clear that honesty and the interests of Western people are not important to them.

So it's just as Mr. Buchanan says. The Russian threat is illusory and the threat from the overpopulated third-world is huge.

Maddeningly, the Treason Class has pursued:

  1. selling a bogus Russian illegitimacy, revanchism, imperialism, and neo-communism and
  2. importing aggressive, hostile, supremacist, and parasitic third-worlders.
I need not say what a pleasure it was to hear Pres. Trump talk about the stupidity of having American troops defending the borders of foreign nations but not those of the United States. With luck Trump's skepticism about anti-Russian hysteria and interest in simple defense of borders indicate there's been a tectonic shift back to simple common sense.

[1] "New President, New World." By Patrick J. Buchanan, 1/20/17.


Danne said...

Good post Fran. All this flailing of the waters RE: the evil Russians. Worn out cold war rhetoric. I look forward to new and novel opportunities with Russia. President Putin possesses the wisdom and patience awaiting the change of guard here. Interesting times.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Putin's portrayed as the Son of Stalin on FoxNews. Yet if you watch any video of him, any one, and he comes across as intelligent, forceful, mentally well balanced, not one to brow beat, concerned for the welfare of Russians, and vigorous. It's like the Irish widow at the wake for her late husband listening to the wonderful things being said about him. After a while she got up and looked into the coffin again to make sure everyone was talking about the same man.

Danne said...

AMEN to that Col. Bunny :)

JWMJR said...

I post this piece back to on Jan.7th. "War with who?"