Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Crime Of The Hour

     In Chicago, that famously tranquil and racially harmonious city, Four black teenagers kidnapped and tortured a young retarded white man. They spent between 24 and 48 hours at it. By now you’ve already read about it...including the pronouncement of Don Lemon, ignorant and talentless (but black!) MSNBC personality, that it wasn’t a hate crime and the Chicago Police Department’s proclamation that it wasn’t racially motivated.

     Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t racially motivated. Don’t try to tell me it wasn’t a hate crime.

     There’s more, of course. Various...persons – black, of course – have leaped to the microphones to tell us that blacks can’t be racists, that they can’t commit hate crimes against whites. University “Black Studies” departments are already weaving apologias for this atrocity into their syllabi. And the Left, Inc., is working the bellows of White Guilt to persuade us, against all the dictates of Reason and Evidence, that we somehow had it coming...for not paying reparations, for electing Donald Trump to the presidency, or for God knows what.

     Various other persons – mostly white – surge forward to tell me “they’re not all like that.” Glory be to God, shouldn’t I be expected to know that? I’ll shortly be 65 years old. I’ve had friends, acquaintances, and colleagues from all the races and ethnicities of the world. If anyone should know that the members of some racial category aren’t all identical, surely I should – and I do. But really:

  • How long ago did you last read about whites doing something like this to a black?
  • Did the media try to downplay it, or was it blasted at us on the front page, above the fold?
  • Did “leaders of the white community” attempt to characterize it as something other than it was?

     Yet people still approach me and say, more or less in these words, “How can you, so intelligent, so erudite, and so civilized, who take infinite care over every single word you commit to pixels, openly and unabashedly style yourself a racist?”

     I’ve given up trying to explain it to them. Eyes are no use to those who refuse to see. Ears are no use to those who refuse to hear.

     If you have 24 minutes, suffer along with Stefan Molyneux:

     It’s a lot to take, I know. But how much worse was it for the victim of that crime? How much worse was it for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom? How much worse is it for the thousands of annual victims of violent crimes – murder, rape, assault – committed by blacks against whites? And how many violent black-against white incidents – some not as heinous, some worse – are there that we don’t hear about, because the press won’t report them because they would “worsen racial tensions?”

     The reasons no longer matter. The facts are as they are. The races must live apart. There’s no longer any rational dispute about it. We’ve tried it the other way, and this is what we’ve reaped.

     “White guilt” must cease to be a political force and become a laugh line.

     I always catch flak for such a column as this. I no longer care. In my universe, either you acknowledge the visible, audible, tangible facts or you’re an obstruction if not worse. You don’t try to persuade others that what they’ve seen and heard didn’t really happen...or that it’s “the legacy of slavery”...or that the solution is to pour your treasure into the pockets of bureaucrats, supposedly to be used for “affirmative action” or “racial uplift.”

     Listen to Brigitte Gabriel, upon being challenged by a Muslim during a colloquy on the Benghazi atrocity of September 11, 2012:

     The very same logic applies to Negroes in these United States. The peaceful majority are irrelevant. It’s a greater tragedy than anything in history that didn’t result in a world war or a Communist revolution. Yet there it is...and there’s nothing we can do about it but part company.

     We can wish one another well.
     We can be sad that “it turned out this way.”
     We can pore through history looking for the nexus.

     What we can’t do is change the facts as they are – or the ravening racial hatred, among blacks toward whites, that has given rise to them.

     “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damned fool about it.” – Thomas Sowell.



brinster said...

Most blacks wouldn't think about abducting a mentally disabled 18 year old and holding him/her for 24 to 48 hrs. As you say Francis, irrelevent.

It would be interesting to see the statistics involving whites killing blacks versus blacks killing whites, among other violent crimes. Do we have to guess? Oh no, we can't talk about that, that would be R A C I S T. As you said before, so what? Facts aren't racist, humans are.
Call me a racist. I'm long since caring about that.

We're hastening to a very bad and bloody end, and I hate to see it.

Oh, as an aside, that racist, nazi, everythingphobe President-elect talked about bringing employment to the "black community"(a phrase I hate since it connotes all black people are the same).
That's only part of the solution. Black families have to be families. A 72 percent illegitimacy rate can't be sustained without catastrophic results. For them and the country.

doubletrouble said...

"Eyes are no use... Ears are no use..."
Hmmmm- where have I heard that before?

While your conclusion of separation may well be correct, I believe the underlying cause has been clearly stated in this mornings first post. These miscreants are but animals, formed by their alleged parents failing to introduce the concepts of right and wrong (i.e. good and evil) to their sorry progeny.
Of course, *that's* probably an inherited trait, as well.

Ad Iesum per Mariam

Pascal said...

There is an observation making the rounds that I believe cannot be repeated often enough. Repeat "Were it not for double-standards, the Left would have no standards at all." until those of the liberal bent come to understand that the Leftists and Progs that hide behind liberal shibboleths are more demonstrably monstrous than they imagine conservatives to be.

Is the charge of racism based upon an objective standard of conduct, or is it a convenient bludgeon that is used in one direction only in order to appear to own some moral hight ground? The Left and the Progs (for whom the radical Left provide the shock troops) always try to have it one way only. Hence, double-standards are all they have.

There is a distinct difference between liberals and the Left. However, any "liberal" who consistently buys the hogwash that Negroes cannot be racist, especially given the cold and hard facts of the matter such as this case "triumphantly" published on Facebook, is either too stupid to waste time on or is an active member of the anti-human, tyrannical Left and, thereby, is decency's avowed enemy.

Fran, no disrespect intended. I normally don't choose to paraphrase one of your screeds this way. But I felt it was a synopsis that was needed. Particularly the observation about double-standards because this incident and its aftermath provides a rare unequivocal exposure of Leftist evil. I certainly hope it helps make your point.

Jimmy the Saint said...

"How long ago did you last read about whites doing something like this to a black?"

The guy in Texas who got killed by being dragged behind a truck. Of course, that was closing in on 20 years ago, and the guys who did it got the death penalty or life sentences, if memory serves. Not a lot of folks defending the perpetrators, either.

MMinWA said...

For brinster

Blacks commit about 7x the violet crime on whites as vice versa. With a much smaller population.

It is too late, 40 million blacks aren't going away and as long as REgressives can get any mileage out of racism, the fire will continue to be fanned.

I avoid them. Period. I won't live anywhere where there more then an occasional sighting. I won't associate with them. I would never consider hiring one. And when I have to go into an urban setting, and for me that's Midland or Lubbock, I am armed and wary.

You have to be out of your mind if you're white to live in cities, especially larger ones. I've lived in small towns in CO and w Texas now for over 25 years-very little crime, no graffiti, I can walk the streets at all hours.

Ronbo said...

I agree with the author of the article: whites and blacks cannot co-exist - they should live in separate communities.

I live in a bid city - Seattle, Washington, and I live downtown in a secure apartment building. The blacks in Seattle make up no more than 5% of the population, but you wouldn't know by the street scene in the Seattle downtown.

Why do these large numbers of blacks put up with long bus rides from their ghettoes to get downtown? This is where the money is! The police blotter tells the story: criminal activity by blacks in muggings, killings and theft from whites reap them millions.

I believe that if the police set up checkpoints at the bus and subway stations and turned away all blacks from the downtown, the crime rate would drop to nothing and maybe the apartment buildings full of whites wouldn't need 24/7 security.

Paul Bonneau said...

"The facts are as they are. The races must live apart."

That's going to be tough on my marriage, since I am Caucasian and my wife is Chinese. And what is my poor son going to do?

Maybe a better plan is to eliminate welfare, and to stop rewarding poor personal choices. People will straighten up just fine when the incentives for bad behavior are eliminated. Those who don't will die, and good riddance.

AnalogMan said...

brinster said...

It would be interesting to see the statistics involving whites killing blacks versus blacks killing whites, among other violent crimes. Do we have to guess?

No, you don't have to guess. The information is available in the report, The Color of Crime, based on FBI statistics. For some reason, I can't post a link here, but you can google it. There is an updated 2016 edition; and an introduction by Jared Taylor on Youtube.