Monday, January 23, 2017

The leftist switcheroo: ditch labor, embrace the fringe, get rich.

Neoliberalism--the opening of markets and borders--enables capital to effortlessly crush labor. The social democrats, in embracing open borders, have institutionalized an open immigration that shreds the scarcity value of domestic labor in favor of lower cost immigrant labor that serves capital's desire for lower costs.

Globalization and neoliberal financial / immigration policies signify the collapse of the Left and the victory of capital. Now capital completely dominates the state and its cronyist structures--political parties, lobbying, campaign contributions, charitable foundations operating as pay-for-play cash vacuums, and all the other features of cartel-state capitalism.

To mask the collapse of the Left's economic defense of labor, the Left's apologists and PR machine have substituted social justice movements for economic opportunities to acquire economic security and capital. This has succeeded brilliantly, as tens of millions of self-described "progressives" completely bought the left's Great Con that "social justice" campaigns on behalf of marginalized social groups were the defining feature of Progressive Social Democratic movements.[1]

The Democrat Party – guardian of pathology: worship of foreigners, embrace of the underclass, fawning over feminist and sexual freaks, hostility to free speech, slobbering over globalism, blindness regarding Islam, and blindness to violence and the breakdown of public order.

Guardian of working people (or anyone else)? Not so much.

Keith Preston has a similar take on this:

During the 1960s, the political Left in the Western world underwent a transformation from class-based proletarianism to an orientation towards cultural politics with an emphasis on race, gender, and counterculturalism. A variety of explanations have been offered for why this occurred but for the purposes of this discussion what matters is the effect of this transformation on American electoral politics. Beginning with the electoral strategy devised for the Democratic Party in the early 1970s by Fred Dutton, the mainstream of American liberalism and much of the far Left began to jettison a working class orientation, and instead embracing upper middle class liberals, students, minorities, the counterculture, and environmentalists.

Trump demeans women.
Photo: Matthew Vadum .
Consequently, the Democratic Party oriented reformist “left” began forming an alliance with corporate liberals against labor in exchange for being given what they wanted on social issues like civil rights, anti-racism, affirmative action, feminism, abortion, gay rights, and environmentalism as a recent article in The Atlantic, a liberal publication, has surprisingly admitted. As a result, the mainstream of American liberalism was transformed into a kind of left-wing capitalism that embraced neoliberal economics but continued to move towards the far left fringes on social and cultural issues.[2]
So what we've seen is one of the great political parties of 20th-c. America turn itself into a zoo whose inmates couldn't recognize (a) Hillary Clinton's monstrous betrayal of our fighting men and diplomats in Benghazi and (b) the astonishing corruption involved in her pay-to-play Clinton Foundation and its Saudi donations. Grotesque speaking fees caused not even a raised eyebrow in the sycophantic house press.

Nothing remarkable there. Our Hilly.

Pointless, reckless, aggressive, unconstitutional war in Libya and Syria? Not an "anti-war" protestor within a thousand miles.

The stench was overpowering but she was the Democrats' star. Coal miners to the remainder bin. Tough.

[1] "The Collapse Of The Left's Great Con." By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 1/22/17. H/t: Zero Hedge.
[2] "Donald Trump and the Return of Liberalism." By Keith Preston, Attack the System, c. 11/13/16.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly many did recognize who and what she was.. and didn't care. She painted herself progressive and all against her regressive (deplorable even). Her supporters ate it up and defended all because of three reasons. For some, the end does indeed justify the means. Of course they fail to realize that evil means cannot lead to good results. Second, far too many people will not ever ever ever admit that they might be wrong. The mental gymnastics employed by many leftists take more work than admitting being wrong and learn something yet they continue. Third, if you are an 'inclusive' and 'caring' leftist then it is much easier to look down your nose at those you deem 'bitter clingers' and style yourself 'the better man'.