Saturday, January 7, 2017

On Trusting Democrats: Three New Outcroppings

     The Democrat Party has had its way for so long, whether from a majority or a minority position, that its luminaries believe that they can have it indefinitely. Their principal method when in the minority is to threaten to make the GOP “look bad.” Consider these three recent developments:

     Objectively, as matters stand, the Democrats cannot prevent the approval of DeVos or Sessions, nor can Obama prevent the absolute and total repeal of ObamaCare. Their maneuverings are intended to taint those nominations and that legislative initiative: to make them look “extreme,” “partisan,” or “cruel:”

  • Booker’s attacks on DeVos are those of a supposed friend and fellow supporter of school choice;
  • Obama can use his ongoing influence and popularity to defame any attempt to repeal the PPACA;
  • The NAACP’s supposed importance in protecting the rights of minorities is a lever against Sessions.

     In the face of threats such as the above, Republican majorities have exhibited a habit of making concesssions to Democrat minorities “for appearances’ sake.” Worst of all, even after Republican concessions, the Democrats have gone on the attack against such nominations and legislation despite having assented to them.

     The moral should be obvious. (Gahh! Two words I’ve resolved not to use, and in a five-word sentence!) But Republican legislators and presidents have harbored such a great fear of the alliance between the Democrats and the media that they’ve steadfastly refused to draw it.

     The swelling importance of the alternative media, especially the World Wide Web and its “social media,” might counter the influence of that fear. After all, Donald Trump used them effectively in his campaign for the presidency. However, fear is as often a matter of habit as it is irrational.

     This is a compelling reason to write your Republican legislators and demand that they ignore such gambits from the Left. It’s time to make them more afraid of us than they are of them.

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Drew said...

Fortunately the Democrats and MSM can hurt them everyday and We the People can only, possibly inconvenience them every couple years.

Since our options are quickly becoming slavery or death I'd say it's time to take a page from the Son's of Liberty.