Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Every Gain Comes At A Price

     Sometimes it’s money. Sometimes it’s time, or effort. And sometimes – particularly in politics – it’s at the cost of driving the other side to even greater extremes of behavior.

     Gateway Pundit has issued its election predictions for 2018:

     Here is our prediction for the mid-terms: Republicans will pick up at least 5 and possibly 6 or 7 or more seats in the Senate and Republicans will maintain leadership in the House. Below is our support for this prediction.

     Social Media Data is No Longer Accurate or Transparent

     We can no longer use social media as an indication for who will win the mid-term election or any election going forward. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google have all made significant efforts to curtail and eliminate conservative content and publishers. Posts and articles shared on social media are no longer going viral due to liberal bias by the tech giants.

     The article is definitely worth reading in its entirety. But if the prediction is correct, one consequence will be a redoubling of Democrats’ use of lurid allegations against Republicans and conservatives named as candidates for high office.

     It’s the only tactic remaining to the Left that has any potency. Their allegations of various “isms” have all dwindled in effect as bad behavior by Negroes, feminists, homosexual activists, Muslims, and so on has been reported. The smaller their caucuses grow, especially in the Senate with its “advice and consent” role, the shriller, more strident, and more lurid the accusations will become.

     That’s not a reason to throw the elections, of course. But it is a reason to be as prepared as possible for what could follow them.


Linda Fox said...

I'm planning on keeping a fairly low profile this fall. First, because, after a LONG drought, the creative juices are once again flowing, and I am busy with my writing.

Second, because I have many friends and relatives who lean Progressive. Mostly from habit, but also because they are convinced that the Progressives are the "good" side. I know, I know, but...

So, when, at long last, the Leftists overstep, and insist on the veracity of something that those friends and relatives KNOW is complete B$, there is no barrier to our coming together again.

Reg T said...


Sincerely, and with no snark involved, I wish you good luck. You will need it.

I believe that, no matter what is discovered about the behavior of the Left, it will always be the fault of conservatives. If Hillary was found holding a knife stuck firmly in Trump's back, it will still - and always - be Trump's fault. Or yours, or mine.