Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Why The Later Insistence on 1982 as the Year?

Because Christine Blasey Ford was born in November, 1966. Very much after that summer, she would have been 16 - no longer such a compelling story, and Kavanaugh can no longer be a CHILD ABUSER. Also, if she was 16, she would have had a driver's license.

Was she impaired on that date-questionable night? I really don't believe that ONE BEER claim - that's what ALL drunks say. So, ASSUMING that SOMETHING happened, and that she left the party abruptly, did she drive drunk?

LOVE to see whether she had been involved with the police as a teen for drunk driving. A competent and unbiased investigation should show SOMETHING in her past, even if - as has been suggested - that past has been scrubbed.

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