Monday, October 22, 2018

The ISIS is Coming! The ISIS is Coming!

Some may recognize the reference to an old story (quite charming) about an accidental invasion by a Russian ship.

The film starred the usual collection of Liberal actors, some of them quite prominent in their affiliations with the Left.

Not-so humorous, nor as benign as the film would make it seem, are the caravan of Hondurans heading toward our Southern Border. At this point, they've been halted by the Mexicans, at their own southern border with Guatemala. Reportedly, tear gas was directed at the mob (am I permitted to use that word?), to keep them from forcing their way in. Gateway Pundit had the story at the link, so I'd be inclined to believe it. Despite the use of tear gas, the police are NOT stopping further travel.

Rush zeroed in on a pertinent point - traveling armies need to eat - who is feeding them?

The video of caravan organizers paying those joining is still on YouTube - watch and download, it may 'disappear'.

From their own words, they are NOT fleeing oppression, but looking for jobs.

I found this disturbing story about the infilitration of ISIS into Honduras. South America has long permitted those of foreign birth into their countries, as long as they have money, and do not stir up trouble with the host countries' Leftists.

Trump is threatening to send in the military to stop the invasion. Fortunately, even though CA is usually uncooperative with these kinds of efforts, San Diego, right at the border, is lousy with Navy and other military. I don't anticipate any problem stopping them there - IF there is the will.

Some military-affiliated 'experts' say that use of military at the borders would violate the Constitution, which only permits their use for non-domestic situations. However, since the 'caravan' is clearly an alien invasion of US borders, yeah, I think it would fly with the Supremes.

Other concerns involve an almost-guaranteed use of women and children at the front of the crowd., making action against them a problem. My attitude is - THEY are the ones that put women and children in harm's way. The blame falls on THEM. The media would have a field day with this, particularly as the march on our border was intended to arrive just before the election.

No matter what the outcome, I hope that US voters realize this is just another sleazy Leftist ploy, not an authentic expression of grassroots action. In other words, Astroturf.

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Francis W. Porretto said...

Other nations would have no problem machine-gunning the entire horde. I'm beginning to think that's the only effective approach...unless we have some sort of area-denial weapon that would send them all screaming and fleeing back to where they came from?

Of one thing we may be sure: while their trip to our border was facilitated by their governments and the government of Mexico, and no doubt greased with money and provisions from forces determined to eliminate the U.S. as a nation, their return home would not be made nearly as comfortable.

Should Mexico be found to have been complicit in this attempt to crash our border, it would amount to a declaration of war on the U.S. There could be only one appropriate response to that.