Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A New Target For “So Dumb” Jokes

     We’ve all heard the Polish jokes. Did you know that back during the Iron Curtain years, Poles told “policeman jokes?” Here’s a favorite:

     A Pole who drove an old Volkswagen Beetle came out of his favorite tavern, got in and started her up, and was startled when a policeman knocked on his window. The policeman hauled him out of his car and said, “Open the trunk, I’m here in pursuit of a thief.” The Pole replied “There’s nothing in the trunk,” but the cop insisted on seeing for himself. So our hero went to the front of his car to open the trunk, whereupon the cop grabbed him, said “The trunk, you fool!” and pulled him toward the rear. Thinking nothing of it, the Pole popped the hood over the Beetle’s engine compartment and stood back.

     “Aha! Caught you!” the cop exclaimed. “You have stolen an engine! And you must have just stolen it, because it’s still running!”

     Every demographic cohort tells “they’re so dumb” jokes about some other cohort. It’s built into our need to feel superior. Most recently, the preferred target of “so dumb” jokes has been blondes. I’m sure you’ve heard a few. But there’s been a development:

     I wonder if she knows...

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Amy Bowersox said...

Stolen and pasted to the "Trans on the Right" Facebook group. :)