Tuesday, February 5, 2019

We Have Been Given a Gift

We have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to reach people. It has come in the form of the VA "Pro-Choice" bill that the governor, "Blacky" Ralph Northam (D) just commented on. The bill was tabled, but - can be brought back at any time.


That bill was designed to be similar to the NY one, just signed into law, with cheers!

Nearly everyone I have talked to is revolted by it, IF they have bothered to learn about it. Most of the Left/Progressive adherents are doing their best to pretend that it doesn't say what it so clearly does, and that the Gov. did not say what he was clearly recorded as saying.

I have little doubt that the surfacing of the Blackface and Whitehooded pictures are a direct result of that Leftist error in judgement - accidentally speaking the truth. Trust me on this, if he had not been caught stating the facts that were NOT intended to get out, his activities while in med school would have continued to remain buried.

The Left would like to shove the governor off the stage, so they can get back the bill, and pretend that the plain facts of the contents do not support Infanticide - which, they do.

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I'm "woke" now to the fact that the Left lies, and I've often opined that if a Democrat told me the sky was blue on a clear sunny day I'd be outside with a color wheel to verify it.

Or, as I put it on a bumper sticker (it's my idea, and if anyone's interested I can give the site but I'm not going to push it): "I'd sooner French-kiss a rattlesnake than trust a Democrat"