Monday, February 4, 2019

How's my Week Going?


I went to work to assist my husband with tech support - going well until after 2nd block class. I was preparing my food for lunch, when I noticed a jagged edge in a molar. NOT a good sign.

I called my dentist, she squeezed me in. I had to leave early, drive almost an hour away for her to get a look and an x-ray, and she said, Yep, I needed a crown. The good news is that she can get me in Wed. morning. The bad news is - almost a thousand dollar (that's with a 15% discount for members of the practice's special group.

I had just been looking at my bank account and thinking, I'm doing all right - a sweet balance in reserve.


BTW, if you want a look at the first chapter in a pdf format, here it is.

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