Monday, February 4, 2019

Sorry for the Funky Formatting and Strange Colors...

For some reason I've yet to determine, every now and then, a post will show up with long, unbroken text, refusal to display, and other assorted garbage. I used the brute force method, as I am soon heading to a dental appointment to fix a badly chipped tooth.

I just put in hard returns, and made the text that God-awful purple, which is hideous, but shows up against the background. Next time I do a similar long post, I may just link to a pdf of it, and save myself a lot of grief.

Thanks for letting me know - I was out of computer reach for a while.


allandavisjr said...

I may be offering up stupid advice here, but what I've always tried to do is dump my text into Notepad to remove any pre-existing formatting, and then copy from there to the blog post entry window. If I copy directly from my word processor, I often get garbage like what you got here.


Linda Fox said...

Nope, not stupid advice - that's likely part of the problem. Thank you.