Monday, February 4, 2019

Murder Is Murder...Except In New York And Virginia

     Writer L. Neil Smith trembles on the verge of a genuine come-to-Jesus moment...and it’s about BLEEP!ing time:

     People who know me, or are familiar with my work, understand that, as a libertarian—rather than a conservative—I’m a lifelong advocate and supporter of a woman’s natural right to control her own body, by means of an abortion, if necessary. In the past, not everybody agreed with me about that (I never expected them to), but it was relatively simple and straightforward.

     But now, the proto-communists who falsely call themselves liberals or progressives or democratic socialists or socialistic democrats or whatever, in their utter contempt for rational ethics, common decency, or the essence of what it means to be human, have made it necessary to add an asterisk, even to that relatively simple and straightforward idea.

     You’re probably aware that the legislatures of several East American states, including those of New York and Virginia, have been considering a new abortion law that not only permits the gynecological procedure at the end of the ninth month of pregnancy (it used to be the sixth, before the fetus was truly human), but at the very moment of natural birth, when it’s more accurate to call it “infanticide” than abortion.

     Ironically, newly elected Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has received far more critical attention for once having appeared in blackface than for his attempt to defend this new horror.

     Gentle Reader, let me say this once and only once in a big font, as it shouldn’t be necessary to repeat it:

An unborn baby is not mere “tissue.”
He is as human as you or I.
Therefore, abortion is not “health care.”
It is not a “safe medical procedure.”
It is murder.
The Left now defends the murder of born babies.
Where will they go next?

     A decent, life-respecting libertarian would never argue for a “right to choose” when what’s being “chosen” is the murder of a defenseless infant. That’s a big part of why I disassociated myself from the Libertarian Party and a number of other libertarian organizations of similar philosophy.

     It’s ironic that the child’s geographical position vis-a-vis his mother was regarded for so long as the factor that determined whether he had a right to life – and before you get on your high horse, I once accepted that argument. It seems in hindsight that the death cults knew that the birth canal-as-rights-demarcator would someday fall. So they bided their time until their movement could make progress on related areas such as embryonic stem-cell research and physician-assisted suicide. It seems their strategists have decided that the ground for legal infanticide has been adequately prepared.

     Please, God, let them be wrong.

     The firestorm this matter has ignited could prove to be the greatest gift the political Right has ever received. Back in the Sixties, when the possible legalization of abortion was being discussed in public fora, conservatives argued passionately that it would lead to infanticide...and were mocked and dismissed as doomsayers by the legalization advocates.

     Shortly after Roe v. Wade the advocates of legal abortion advanced the notion of unregulated abortion, abortion as a woman’s unconditional right at any stage of gestation. A couple of decades more passed, and we saw the emergence of “ethicists” such as Peter Singer and Daniel Callahan, some of whom openly argued for the legalization of “post-natal” abortions of infants with serious birth defects, but these received little attention from the press. And now we have politicians with significant profiles attempting to defend the proposition that the life of a fully-born human infant, entirely outside his mother’s womb, should be subject to a “discussion” between mother and physician.

     Where’s the laughter coming from now? Might it be this gentleman, who’s reputed to be a big fan of murder as entertainment?

     Or perhaps it’s that fellow over there in the red union suit, with the horns and the barbed tail. We’ve heard about him for millennia, though today discussing him and his agenda is somewhat...unfashionable.

     I’m not laughing. Are you?



Chthulhu saves you. For dinner. ;)

Linda Fox said...

Most people believed the pro-aborts when they said, "How ridiculous! To think we would EVER advocate killing babies."

The Left has mistaken the natural inclination of many people to protect children. It is, however hard the Left has tried to wipe out that tendency, apparently hard-wired in our DNA. As it should be.

John said...

Each unimaginable step is always followed by the unthinkable step.

"Perfectly normal, perfectly natural."

Thomas said...

I don't know how anyone would be surprised at the reality that life is a disposable commodity to the Left. Whether they be fascists or communists (note that both are socialists), the states founded on these principles have enthusiastically engaged in the elimination of their fellow citizens through some of the most sadistic prisons, torture, and execution.
Abortion is probably the most egregious because the argument that the unborn threaten the State and the "Revolution" cannot be used. When practised, abortion makes a de facto case that life is simply disposable. Life is permitted or forbidden based simply upon the whim of those with the power to arrange and conduct the procedure. The purposeful and forced cessation of any life is an expediency of convenience of the actors involved with no other classification or judgement attached to it, other than that which the actors involved assign to it.