Thursday, February 28, 2019

Making The Right Enemies

     It’s easier to assess a man, or an institution, according to who assails him / it than by any other method. Gab, the completely-free-speech Twitter competitor, has the Social Media Establishment and their enablers in something of a panic. Their condemnations of Gab have been many, lurid...and almost entirely untrue. But Gab, it develops, was only the first chapter in an increasingly dramatic story.

     The Gab development team recently released Dissenter, a commenting system not unlike Disqus except for one critical feature: whereas a Web page must add Disqus to itself for Disqus comments to appear there, Dissenter takes the opposite approach. One registers a URL – any URL – with Dissenter and it becomes possible to post comments about the page at that URL!

     For the moment, logging into Dissenter requires a Gab account. There are two ways to make use of it: directly, through the Dissenter Website, or through a browser extension. Extensions are available for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and several other browsers. Once installed, the Dissenter extension permits the user to bring up the Dissenter comment stream for whatever URL has caught his interest. In neither case can the proprietors of a URL that has been registered with Dissenter do the least thing about it.

     The ability of tendentious, biased Websites to exclude commentary, whether selectively or in toto, has been destroyed forever. Dissenter doesn’t need anyone’s permission to establish a comment stream for a registered URL. And as you might expect, the Left’s bastions on the Web, which depend on their ability to exclude unfavorable commentary, are furious. They’re calling Gab, Dissenter, and those associated with them “everything but white.” Here’s an example:

     Gab, the social network of the far right, has extended its free-speech platform with a tool that allows users to bypass “rampant corporate censorship” and comment on almost anything, the company said Tuesday.

     Called Dissenter, the new service lets users comment on news articles, YouTube videos and even individual social media posts — even if those sites don’t have comment sections or have comments switched off.

     The article is worth reading to grasp the degree of hatred VICE has for anyone to the right of V. I. Lenin. And of course, Dissenter users are having a blast lampooning the VICE article in Dissenter’s comment stream.

     Get yourself a Gab account, even if only to have access to Dissenter. Registration is free. You won’t regret it.

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Linda Fox said...

Tried it - LOVED it.