Saturday, February 23, 2019

Quickies: A Compact Insight

     This one is from AoSHQ’s Weird Dave:

     If you can find someone who will talk honestly about single-payer, you will usually find the pro side talking about how it's “fairer” or “cheaper” than market-based systems (I'd contest the second, but we don't really have any market-based systems to compare with) but will usually admit that the outcomes are better in our system (as I said, you have to find someone on the pro side willing to be honest, which is rarer than a hen's tooth). That's bullshit. What it's all about is, like most lefty garbage, is manufactured virtue. “Oh, look at how COMPASSIONATE I am, I want healthcare to be FREE”. In fact, isn't that kind of a hallmark of all left-wing, totalitarian systems? Using force and theft “for the greater good”, the unstated premise being that individuals won't do it on their own. Thus the entire world view of left wing systems is inherently contradictory: Their totalitarian approach is necessary because people are inherently bad (Hmmm, smells a lot like “original sin” to me), yet their systems won't work unless you also believe in the perfectibility of man (which will be accomplished through force). No wonder these people are crazy.

     First: Leftists must try to represent their totalitarian approaches as virtuous – i.e., morally superior and obligatory – because they have nothing else going for them. Certainly neither efficacy nor efficiency.

     Second: Note that they implicitly exclude themselves from the “people are inherently bad” premise. After all, someone has to do the dirty work of perfecting the rest of us...and don’t you dare mention “God.”

     Third: Compare this insight with Dystopic / Thales’s “weaponized empathy” formulation. They dovetail nicely.

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