Monday, February 11, 2019

The joys of diversity.

52.2 percent of homicides in the USA are attributed to black offenders. Blacks comprise 13 percent of the population. Black males, who commit nearly all the homicides, comprise about 6.5 percent of the population. Those within the age profile range (18 to 49) comprise about four percent of the population. Statistically, then, about four percent of the population — black males — commits nearly half of all homicides.
"4 black males arrested after murder of white man and his dog." By, 2/10/19 (emphasis added).

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Cross-check today's "urban yuts" vs. men of stature, education, and wisdom like Dr. Thomas Sowell and Professor Walter Williams* and Larry Elder* **; also, Larry Sotomayor**.

Decades of the so-called GREAT SOCIETY bearing fruit. But then, citing Sowell, liberalism consists of replacing what worked - a nuclear, intact family, religion, hard work and community*** - with what sounded good.


* I have Williams' and Elder's pictures, autographed to me, at home. And I've been trying very hard to get Sowell's autographed picture with no luck so far. :(

** If you look up the RUBIN REPORT on youtube there are two great video interviews of these men. BOTH refer to LBJ and the destruction of the black family by Democrats.

*** When I was growing up, if I did something wrong, my parents knew about it before I got home. And I remember reading, years ago, about a black man (before LBJ) getting lectured about some misdeed by an elderly woman in his neighborhood... and then getting wholloped a second time by Dad when he got home. Nowadays, no dads, no male role models, and certainly no community of people working together to make a nice environment.