Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Concerning The State Of The Union Speech

     It was a brilliant speech. President Trump hit all the right notes. But it must be remembered that the opposition does not share his attitude; it is entirely partisan and focused on power for itself. These are people, owing to the steady devolution of our political class over the century past, who are interested in nothing but their own power and perquisites. The good of the country doesn't even blip their radars.

     They must go, one and all. Let there be no "safe districts." No matter how many years a district has been dominated by Democrats, they can be ousted — and they must be. (The same goes for the Establishment Republicans who give the president lip service while maneuvering in secret to thwart him.) The successful continuation of the greatest experiment in freedom in all of human history demands it.


Linda Fox said...

We have to treat this time we have seriously. We are surrounded on all sides, they are making a full-court press. We have to assist locally, with money and time, the effort to dig out these entrenched Leftists. Once out, they lose their power base, their source of income, their influence.

It also allows us to dig up their scandals - which we need to either use right away (if the statute of limitations has not expired), or hold in reserve (like the blackface photos), for use if the zombies try to return.

Sam L. said...

Has Kevin been fired for the sin of Apostasy? One wonders... He must at least be persona non grata.