Wednesday, February 6, 2019


     At one time, National Review Online was a worthwhile publication that had writers who were American in sentiment, temperament, and outlook. Those days are past and gone:

     I remember thinking that out of the lot of the younger NRO crowd, Jonah Goldberg, at least, might be a worthy successor to William F. Buckley. I will forever remember how wrong I was.

     The title of this piece stems from a recollection of a couple of the unwritten rules of Victorian society:

  1. Be loyal to your class; keep interlopers out.
  2. Never take pleasure visibly in anything; that’s for the proles.

     Bill Buckley had a tinge of that, but his better angels usually guided him in the direction of reason. We are the poorer for his loss, and poorer yet for having to endure the twits that have taken his mantle upon themselves.


Rick T said...

Bill outed himself as the controlled opposition the night in 1968 he didn't punch Gore Vidal's lights out for calling Buckley a Nazi.

The NR crowd never actually conserved anything, they barely slowed the rush to the left but never, ever, got anything moved to the right.

Linda Fox said...

I liked NR reasonably well, but Buckley was too eager to cave to the sensibilities of his Ivy League peers. Yes, detaching from the John Birch Society was sensible, but - he was too eager to poo-poo the idea that SOME of the people in government - particularly the State department - were, in fact, traitors and/or Communist sympathizers.

It was just too important to be able to associate with his Elitist friends for him to speak frankly about the degree to which infiltration had already taken place.

We're still feeling the fallout from that.

Kye said...

I agree with you, Rick T. The only thing conservatives ever conserved was our society's steady march to the left. They couldn't even conserve the military from social engineering.

NRO is the last "traditional" conservative mag and it too isn't long for this world. Conservatism is dead. There is now only The Radical Far Left and Everybody Else. The left has gotten their way for the last 100 years. They are indefatigable. They keep on pushing till they get what they want. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be compromised with. They cannot be voted out using the very system they have corrupted and taken over. They must be beaten and completely destroyed like we did to them in Nazi Germany or completely ruined the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Our votes no longer count. They screwed up in 2016. It will not happen again. You would see that if you watched the vote fraud on the last mid term.