Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A Syndrome We Should Recognize By Now

     The great desire of the political animal is for attention. He wants the cameras aimed his way. He wants the media to report on his sayings and doings. He wants the hoi polloi to talk about him. It’s a drive quite as strong as the drive for power over others and inseparable from it.

     So when we read or hear about the sort of casual accusations being made by Hillary Clinton, Evan McMullin, et alii that...excuse me? What have they been saying? That Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset? You’re joshing me about that, aren’t you?

     No, it’s true. I was unsure whether I could believe it until I saw this:

     Fantastic. Yet it’s unimpeachably so.

     I doubt that Mrs. Clinton has abandoned her dreams of presidential glory. However, I think the Democrats, as desperate as they are for a candidate with national name recognition who isn’t batshit crazy, would seriously consider renominating her – and I think, when she’s sober at least, she knows that full well. But her desire for attention is unquenched. That alone would explain such lunatic emissions.

     That a few of the NeverTrumpers on the supposed Right should give credence to Mrs. Clinton's fantasies is to be expected. Their loathing for the most successful president in a century has warped them into a shape for which the topologists have no name. As for Evan McMullin: who knows? He’s a nobody Bill Kristol elevated to narrow-gauge prominence a few years ago, who achieved nothing and returned to obscurity after the 2016 elections. But apparently he likes attention, too.

     Always watch which way the camera snouts are pointing. Wherever they’re aimed, that’s where the politicians and political aspirants will flock to. You can bet the mortgage money on it.

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Ryan Gielow said...

If its true that John Podesta was Tulsi Gabbard's campaign manager at one point, then its fair to assume this entire charade was well scripted to hand the torch from Hill to Tulsi