Saturday, October 5, 2019

Watch Or Not, As You Prefer

     (An impulse I couldn’t resist. Sorry.)


Micro said...

Hi Fran,
Quite impressive. After reading your blog for several years, and having read most of your books, I can say your demeanor in this video is very close to what I had imagined. You are obviously thoughtful, intelligent, and skillful with your words. Thank you for a meaningful exchange that will have me thinking about our society's continuing degradation for the rest of the day.

Andy Texan said...

I don't see how we can fight them at the ballot box or letters to editor. The next demonRat president will mark the end of Republican party. They will change the rules to make the California party the national party. We ought to strike at them while we have political power to do so. They have widely conspired to overthrow the government of the USA and should be arrested on that very charge including all major figures involved from Obama, Pelosi on down.

NP Complete said...

I do not know what to do that will help "pull us all out of the edge of the abyss".

Chuckusa said...

A mirror image of what many people are thinking. I believe that as always, God is in control. I do not believe that there is even a single moment in time that has not been planned and determined by the creator. However, I also believe that we are complex instruments to be used in this operation and WILL be used, not arbitrarily but with precision, each according to his or her ability, just as all other defining moments have ultimately manifested themselves into the world. I see the progression of the world as a pyramid. As we approach the top, each event holds significantly greater concentration of potential. The narrowing towards the ultimate event looms larger in the window with each passing day. Only God knows the exact moment of the tipping point. Could this be it? This nation is no accident. It's existence altered the course of history just as it's absence at this point in time, surely would again. I see the only course of action, the only rational thing to to wait. Prepare. Keep the concept of charity and faith in the forefront of your mind. Reject despair, turn your back on fear. Gods plan is never wrong but quite often our reaction to I am going to nurture a vision of clarity and restoration for this country. But I am also now prepared to defend my family and freedom, unto the death if necessary, as I know all too well that being on the right side does not always guarantee a positive personal outcome for all involved.

JWM said...

I wasn't able to get to this video until today.
My wife and I were talking about this just last night. Most of her, and even some of my friends are donks. Not that I don't love these folks, but they're political idiots.
By current standards we live an odd sort of life. There is no TV in the house. No newspapers. No radio. And no background music.
We hold a lot of parties, though. People come here to eat, drink, smoke, and talk. No one misses our gatherings. It almost embarrasses me to say it, but the crowd at our parties looks like it was scripted for television. You know--diverse, and all that.

And mostly they know that politics is off limits here.
But one of my wife's friends, the woman who hosted our wedding reception, is utterly drunk on the kool aid. She's so 'woke' that she gets pissed if someone won't take the bait, and get on an Orange Man Bad rant with her.
Ironically enough, the woman is a practicing Buddhist. She knows that one of the Three Great Poisons is anger. Yet she feeds on rage like a meth addict. No one seems to be able to talk her down.