Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Second Civil War.

It's outlines take shape slowly, then suddenly.

The third-world invasion of the U.S. over the southern border requires careful and measured thought. Congressional committees and think tanks must stroke their chins and consult the oracle before one single step can be taken to stem the tide of foreigners who hold us and our laws in contempt. Surely more Nigerians, Muslims, and MS-13 gangsters are just the ticket to give full expression to American Exceptionalism! And studies must be done.

But northern Syria?

Now it's roaring engines, flames 40 feet out the back, and burning rubber to condemn Trump's partial withdrawal of U.S. troops. All subtleties of shia-sunni antagonism, Israeli strategic interests, pipeline politics, U.S. regime change pipe dreams, Turkish ambitions, Kurdish aspirations, Kurdish participation in the Armenian genocide, salafist malevolence, Saudi and Qatari intervention in Syria, Iranian strategic interests, and U.S. support for and supply of Syrian headchoppers, inter alia, are processed in the blink of an eye and earnest, soulful condemnation issues forth.

To hate the idea of the US military ceasing operations in Syria, you would have to be a globalist. You would have to favor the pointless and endless wars and the rising tide of dysgenic, anti-American immigration that fills the globalist coffers. Some call themselves Democrats. Others self-identify as Republicans. They call themselves humanitarian, Conservative, Liberal, practical or maybe, if they are detestably hypocritical enough, they ascribe their motivations as idealistic. There is an easier and more accurate word to identify these people and organizations: evil. But in this case, evil has gone too far.

I appreciate that ABC News hates Donald Trump for the scarlet sin of winning an election while not running as a Democrat. I understand the butthurt. Democracy sucks when the people play Hail To The Chief and it isn’t in honor of your boy. They hated Ronald Reagan as well, but were never this blatantly over-the-top in their dishonesty. It has to be more than just Trump Derangement Syndrome. Some actual, motivated force on behalf of evil truly wants the United States to continue urinating away its youth and future into the God-Accursed sands of the hateful Middle East.[1]

Tulsi Gabbard has her finger squarely on this raw nerve. She has insignificant support just now but her views on military adventurism and regime change are hideous threats to the globalists.

[1] "Civil War In Syria Is An Extension Of The Second American Civil War." By Jonathan Peter Wilkinson, Amerika, 10/18/19.

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