Friday, October 11, 2019

Not in Kansas any longer.

Under freedom of information release, Judicial Watch in the past week has uncovered categorical proof that the Mueller probe was a coup attempt to oust Trump. . . .

America’s democracy and constitution is being trashed by unelected shadowy forces, aided and abetted by prestigious media outlets like the New York Times. These forces presume to know better or have more privilege than their fellow Americans who “voted the wrong way”.

The inescapable conclusion is that powerful political forces within the US simply do not recognize the democratic rights of the electorate who voted Trump into office. Not only do these forces not respect democratic principle, they also, patently, do not respect due legal process or the high offices of their own government.[1]

Nor do they respect the Constitution, free speech, or debate itself, as witness the outrageous practice of deplatforming and the absolute lunacy of leftist rhetoric (impeachment, multiculturalism, climate change, white privilege, racism!).

It's a hell of a note that Americans whose birthright is liberty are spied upon, taxed to the hilt, and drowning in a tide of foreigners who despise us, steal our jobs, and expect us to be their cash cows. Our personal security is as nothing if leftist scum do not approve of our opinions.

The author makes the point that "the people who are doing the damage to US politics and its constitution are 'patriotic' Americans, not Russia or any other imagined foreign adversary."

And that you can take to the bank, tovarich.

[1] "America's Political Implosion." By Finian Cunningham, ZeroHedge, 10/11/19.

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Andy Texan said...

Draw up a long proscription list and arrest them all. Now.