Thursday, October 10, 2019

The Homeless Problem - AND Some Solutions

I've always liked Heather McDonald's work, which I've mostly read in City Journal, a quarterly online journal. This interview of her work investigating homeless people, and how government might better help them, is worthy of your time.


pc-not said...

Another excellent piece of investigation by Heather MacDonald. In doing genealogical research, I was intrigued to discover how structured social norms were in Colonial America. Vagrancy was not tolerated, and to be a 'freeman" required certain standards of behavior and responsibilities. This seems to be one reason why most communities back then thrived.

Aesop said...

The early Christian Church, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony were both early adopters of the principle that "he that will not work, shall not eat".

Abandonment of that principle has led precisely to where we are now.
The message from the belly is a great motivator of proper conduct, and removing it from the menu has led to the plethora of problems that have followed in the wake of such idiocy.