Tuesday, October 8, 2019

So, as I was saying...

Lessee, now, where were we?

Yep, the good ol' CF hogwallow is back up and running again, folks, thanks to a good friend of mine who has a CF email account himself and got tired of waiting around for me to scrounge up the requisite moolah. Thanks to one and all for their patience, and most especially to Francis for allowing me the privilege of hanging around here drinking all the beer, emptying out the fridge, and just sitting around on the sofa all day in my boxers scratching myself. Here's a link, for anybody rendered so distraught during this long, dark night of the soul as to have forgotten.

Update! Annnnd just like that, it's back down again. Jeez-O-Pete. Workin' on it, folks.

1 comment:

Tracy Coyle said...

Dear Mike,

Glad you are getting back to your own place...

I do have a question however. I've know Bill for a lot of years, and Francis for a little bit. And...well, I know where they live.

So...how often were you traveling between their sofa's and ...does the Presidential Pomeranian know you've been cheatin'?