Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Election manipulation in Canada and the U.S.

Sadly, Canada went full retard yesterday and voted for the nation-destroying Liberal Party with their love of third-world immigration and denigration of the founding people (whites) of Canada. The Liberals had help from afar:
Like Russian stacking dolls, with US-funded-and-controlled, globalist and socially-progressive organizations like OPEN and Leadnow coming out of each other from larger organizations in the US, yesterdays' Canadian federal election was again simply another election rigged by foreign interests. The globalist, cultural Marxist, Liberal party of Justin Trudeau will continue in power in a minority government supported by their globalist, cultural Marxist socialist party friends, the NDP.

Rockefeller's and other US globalist & social-liberal elites and organizations have been interfering in Canadian politics for many years now. However, the dumbed-down, foreign-controlled, media-brainwashed Canadian people were again easily misled through another federal election. A slate of milk-toast issues were fed to the people, like climate change, where each major party, including the Conservative Party, competed with each another to see which one could be the most politically correct in mirroring the fakeries of the corporate media.

Even though Canada is right in their backing the US-led rape of Syria - not a peep on that issue. Even though Agenda 2030 and the imposition of a One-World-Government with open borders and world taxes is pending and remains the main goal of the international bankster, corporate, socialist, oligarch cabal running things - not a peep on that issue. Even though Nazi-like gender bending is being rammed down our throats and infecting all our schools and children - not a peep on that issue. Even though the development of the Canadian oil industry has been halted and destroyed by the Rockefeller's - not a peep on that issue. Outsourcing and huge trade imbalances- not a peep on that issue either. Unless there is a populist uprising and the people take back their nation, Canada is finished.

["Who Is Behind Leadnow?" By Vivian Krause, Rethink Campaigns, 1/9/18.]

["Vivian Krause: Obama wasn't the only American interfering in the Canadian election." By Vivian Krause, Financial Post, 10/22/19.] [1]

The Vivian Krause article linked to by FBaggins is most interesting. Consider this quote about an American organization called OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network) and its activities in Canada and then consider the present pumped-up hysteria about supposed Russian meddling in U.S. elections:
OPEN calls itself as "the people behind the people." OPEN says it is a ‘B2B’ [business-to-business] organization that intentionally keeps "a very low public profile" because of the sensitive political implications of its work. OPEN “helps insights, expertise and collaboration to flow seamlessly across borders,” it says.
American meddling "to flow seamlessly across borders," indeed. American meddling in foreign elections? Hold the hysteria, please.

Trying to get a handle on 21st.-c. "democratic" electoral politics is like drinking from a fire hose. The comments on the ZeroHedge article are choice, as always, and more than one apparent Canadian commenter speaks of the propaganda soup ladled out by the Canadian media. FBaggins describes some major issues that are somehow not discussed in this last major Canadian election.

The same affliction is evident here at home, of course. Trillions of dollars have gone down the rat hole in M.E. and Central Asian military pajama parties while our unfolding fiscal, monetary, and debt catastrophe waits patiently to be recognized while the smoke billows out about "the wall," unemployment, GDP, and the blessed stock market bubble.

Western nations, with a few honorable exceptions, are fixated by trivialities and will not address existential threats. This steady-as-she-goes mentality/religion is proving to be the end of us. Again, I refer you to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's notion of the "petrified armor around people's minds" that "will only be broken by the pitiless crowbar of events." The blanket of propaganda and lies is heavy and pervasive it's true but Western man is also proving himself to be fatally not up to the task of (1) observing and digesting the blatant evidence of stunning misrule and (2) using the simplest of electoral tools to keep the bastards honest. The way is thus clear for leftist slime like OPEN and Leadnow to run their well-funded, distorting campaigns.

But back to the matter of the mechanics of interference. Consider the activities and funding that Vivian Krause describes in her two articles. You learn of major funding, international conferences, donor base assistance, purchase of negative ads, and get-out-the-vote activities by volunteers. Now consider such concrete and energetic measures to influence the Canadian votes in question and, by comparison, the vaporous claims of how Russia meddled in our last presidential election. I seem to recall reading of some timorous and ambiguous Facebook buy by the Satan worshippers in Russia and, supposedly, their providing (with assistance of the ever-helpful MI6 toads) the contemptible "dossier" sourced somewhere in the Russian government (which dossier was seized upon by leftist/Establishment/Democrat opponents of Trump with enthusiasm, let it be said).

If you take Leadnow and OPEN as exemplifying the gold standard of practical efforts to engineer outcomes, the alleged Russian efforts look pathetic in comparison.

UPDATE (10/22/19):

Here's one take on the, uh, 2016 Trump presidential campaign:

Trump’s campaign was a clown show. He had almost no institutional backing. His “ground game” was nonexistent: his “campaign” was a TV program based almost wholly around unscripted media appearances. Trump raised just over half the $1.2 billion Hillary pulled in (making him the first presidential candidate dating back to 1976 to win with a funds deficit).[2]

Yep. The Russians pulled out all the stops for their man.

[1] Comment by FBaggins on "Trudeau Overcomes Scandal To Win 2nd Term As PM, But Fails To Secure Majority." By ZeroHedge, 10/22/19 (emphasis removed).
[2] "Matt Taibbi Trounces Intellectual Mainstream: 'Everyone's A Russian Asset?'" By Matt Taibbi, ZeroHedge, 10/22/19.

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