Saturday, May 26, 2018


     About an hour ago, the C.S.O. and I were making our way back from the Stormville Flea Market – a big, open-air flea market in southern Dutchess County that’s held on one weekend of each summer month – when we started discussing the, ah, sensibilities of the contemporary Left, especially the Social-Justice Warrior. I led off with a gag I found on the Web just yesterday:

FWP: What’s the difference between a social-justice warrior and a suicide vest?
CSO: I don’t know, what?
FWP: Triggering a suicide vest actually accomplishes something.
CSO: (laughs)
FWP: Of course none of them would think that’s funny.
CSO: They don’t think anything’s funny.
FWP: They take themselves much too seriously.
CSO: No, that’s not it. It’s would you describe Stuie? Other than an arrogant SOB?
FWP: Why would any other description be required?
CSO: I’d be satisfied with asshole.
FWP: Not too generic?
CSO: I like it. And his sort of assholian is getting to be really common in America.
FWP: Wait, don’t we have an extradition treaty with them?
CSO: We did, but it’s been violated so many times it no longer matters.

     The laughter went on quite a while after that.

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