Friday, May 4, 2018

Holding Pattern - Personally, and For the Nation

I've been less inclined to blog regularly for the last few weeks (months?). Part of this is personal. I've been:

  • Engrossed in tax stuff. I had to make some changes to an old return, before time ran out to get the money back. I also needed to attend to making sure that taxes were withheld from our pensions - yes, multiple. Not that we're rich, but that we are collecting SMALL amounts from several sources.
  • Managing some household work - trees being trimmed/cut down, planning for future repairs/remodels, and weeding out unneeded junk. SOME of the teacher/school stuff can be repurposed, others will need to be given away/sold.
  • Writing - yes, although I'm late with the book revisions, I'm spending some time on other writing - short stories, primarily. Also using my scanned photos to update the Family Story on a restricted blog.
  • Dealing with my ankle problem. Depending on which doctor you talk to, it's:
    • Tendon inflammation/damage
    • Gout
    • Stress Fracture
    • Don't Really Know
  • In any case, the appropriate treatment is to immobilize the ankle in an orthopedic boot. Like this.
  • No, its not comfortable. But, it does allow me to get around, and pick up some sub jobs. Like today's, in Math (fortunately, Algebra 2 - the more advanced students are generally in smaller classes).
So, in many ways, I'm in a Holding Pattern. Not trying to accomplish that much, just trying to cover the basics.

As is the Nation.

The hysteria of the Left is still shrill, for those inclined to Act Out. But, for many, this is a time of relative calm. Even at our last family get-together, the Left/Progressive/Liberal branches said very little about politics, Trump, or other controversial topics. 

Sure, the True Believers © are still pushing the envelope - this time, forcing kids in grades 7 to 12 to learn about the Latest and GREATEST idea EVAH - transexualism, gender bending, 'gender fluidity', et al.

BTW, of course Snopes calls the story "mostly false" - you read their reasoning, and decide whether Snopes is telling the truth, or NOT.

Oh, who are we kidding? Of course, the Snopes site is MOSTLY LYING.


Kye said...

I hope you feel better, Linda those boots are a pain. I'll be here to read whatever you and Francis manage to crank out. Thanks a million.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That tool kit is amazing. It covers the basics, including anal intercourse and homosexual sex. Interracial relationships are, course, promoted. From the illustrations, I see that the overwhelming majority of the population is minority.

An AMAZING amount of effort has gone into producing this "toolkit" with assistance from, among others, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Planned Parenthood.

This is real progress.