Saturday, May 5, 2018

Start Your Saturday Off Enraged

     A quickie, but important all the same:

     Here is the USA Today column cited in the video. Read it.

     To me, the most significant part of the news announced above is that Eric Swalwell (D, Lunatic), as brash as he seems, is the tip of an iceberg. He has backers in both Houses of Congress. They are unconcerned with the Constitution or anything else. They want our guns, and they’re willing to make us criminals to get them. Neither are they under any illusions that a nationwide gun confiscation would “reduce crime.” That’s no part of their concerns.

     Rope. Lamppost. Congressvermin. Some assembly required – and the time has come to begin it.

     (Applause to CM Blake for finding the video above.)

1 comment:

Kye said...

Only a democrat/communist could brazenly swear to "uphold and support the Constitution of the United States" then turn right around and ignore it. Does this idiot does realize there are 350 million guns in private hands in America along with 4 trillion rounds of ammo? I'll get the rope.