Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Quintessential Definition of America

"Only in America can the individual remain free and able to live his life under the assumption that the major decisions of his life are his own and not predicated on state approval."

Victor Davis Hanson

We are not subjects (those people GIVEN limited rights, IF their ruler approves). We are citizens. Our rights were NOT granted - they were TAKEN by US.

We decide. Not any ruler, temporary or otherwise. Not a bureaucracy. Not unelected regulators.

We decide.

Some other good parts in this piece:
Americans are not the People of the Sacred Land, People of the Blood, or People of the Holy Book. Americans are the People of the Bill of Rights and all that other stuff. Awaken any feral wino and ask about it and you will receive a recitation of various rights. The Bill of Rights makes instant Americans after the pledge of loyalty to the Constitution.
 Damn skippy.

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