Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Quickies: Diversity Versus Compatibility

     Have a little foreign perspective courtesy of Chateau Heartiste:

     I lived in Brazil 4 years as an American young man back in 1990s and I am yet to see a more dis-trusting and antagonist society in the planet. Brazilians HATE each other, they hate their country, and they distrust each other to the point the country is really nothing more then a 3rd world powderkeg of social and economic disharmony and violence. Brazil is California on steroids. Highly-racially and culturally mixed and yet that country is divided, dishonest, and self-loathing.

     The more “racially mixed” a country is, the more unstable it becomes, because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background. The only part of Brazil that works (sorta) is the South, where the population is overwhelmingly German, with Italians as second largest group, Ukrainians around 500,000, and about 100,000 Lithuanians, all concentrated in their own cities and towns across the 3 southern States. The south of Brazil is only coherent part of Brazil and only white-majority region. Most Conservative, prettiest girls, and least Feminist. The rest of Brazil is a messy chaos of mixed and semi-white populations, all distrusting and hating one another. It is a sight to behold!

     I haven’t been to Brazil, so I can’t comment. But the piece continues:

     This is the case anywhere in the world. When Norway was almost 100% ethnic Norwegian, the country worked and functioned, even with dumb socialist policies (like national healthcare). Because the population was homogenous and educated, they did not abuse and overuse public services and that enabled socialist policies to work to some extent. After they allowed SOME immigration, not even at the ridiculous levels of Sweden or Germany, NOTHING works in Norway anymore. Healthcare is overwhelmed, people bleeding in ERs, elderly drinking water out of potted plants, and all levels of social services and police are overwhelmed, and the country has become more polarized and unstable.

     But unlike Sweden (a country headed for total collapse), Norway woke-up and elected the “Go Forward Party” and the zero immigration parties are growing rapidly. Their motto “let’s not become Sweden”.

     Other European states are reading the tea leaves and coming to the same conclusions.

     Race is not the only consideration. Indeed, it might not be the most important one. The evidence suggests that culture, especially in its guise as religious affiliation, matters more.

     The horde of immigrants that have largely ruined Scandinavia originates from the Middle East. They are largely Caucasian. However, they are even more uniformly Muslim. Thence arises a terrible conflict with Scandinavian norms.

     No country that honors the Christian Enlightenment, even in its contemporary, secularized form, can afford to admit a large quantity of Muslims. To say the least, they don’t share our norms – and in consequence, they don’t share our constraints, especially as regards the treatment of women.

     There’s no reason to go on at length about this. If you see the point, I have no need to belabor it. If you don’t, you need to learn about Islam and the commands and liberties it lays upon its adherents. I suggest that you get to it.

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Linda Fox said...

The politics FOLLOWS the culture. Not the other way around.