Saturday, May 12, 2018

The farce of border enforcement.

The Department of Homeland Security released the Southwest Border Migration numbers for April, which reflect a 230 percent increase over the same month last year. That makes April the worst period since President Trump took office. The numbers induced DHS to issue a statement saying it will show "zero tolerance" for adults seeking to cross the border.[1]
Whoa! Zero tolerance. Now we're cross. Absolutely not ONE ILLEGAL MORE than 50,000 per month. We're FED UP!

Even with the Border Patrol supposedly in friendly hands we have a massive increase. Never will the federal government utter the words “stop” or “repel” with respect to immigrants with their backpacks full of cheesy, dishonest claims of persecution or demands to be let in and tolerated because it suits them.

This never was a “nation of immigrants” or a “propositional nation.” And we don’t all swoon over the American “creed” or “dream.” Such notions are crap.

Ninety-eight percent of the populace couldn’t give a halfway decent explanation of the Constitution’s grant of enumerated powers to Congress let alone name three points of the supposed “creed” down before we all bow and over which we swoon and drool. There is no such “creed.” What we have is a Constitution made by, designed for a white, Christian nation of European people with a place for minorities. Nothing in our founding or laws since require whites to turn over our nation to foreigners or to meekly surrender as minorities and foreigners -- and their sellout white political allies -- vote, legislate, and breed themselves into a majority.

However, as a recent Cuban immigrant woman said to her son after escaping from Castro and observing life in America, “I never saw a people more anxious to give away their country.” That was over 50 years ago, long before illegal and legal immigration had reached the crisis proportions of today. She may yet prove those morons right, the ones who constantly mewl about how “exceptional” we are. Exceptionally stupid and exceptionally spinelss, that is.

[1] "Illegal Immigration in April Increased 230% Over Last Year." NumbersUSA, 5/4/18.

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