Sunday, May 6, 2018

Quickies: A Time For Battle

     Please bear with me for a few hundred words, Gentle Reader. I’m furious, and I need to get it out.

     My recent pieces have prompted several readers to write to me that I’ve “lost my moderation” and really need to “cool it.” The general tenor of their “advice” is either that there’s no need to go to war with the Left (because we’re currently in the ascendant), or that we can’t afford to go to war with the Left (because the public will react against us).

     I disagree with these claims:

  1. I haven’t “lost my moderation;” I’ve shelved it for the duration of the present emergency.
  2. Patriotic Americans have a fingernail grip on the federal government, and some supposed allies have been working against us.
  3. Whatever their politics, there’s nothing Americans despise more than a coward.

     When Patrick Henry stated on the floor of the Virginia legislature that “the war is already begun,” he was stating a truth: an unpleasant truth to be sure, but a truth: an accurate statement of an objective fact. The facts of our time are much the same: The Left is already at war with us. Its activists have deployed every tactic and every weapon at their command in this political “battle of the bulge.”

     We cannot afford to hang back any longer. A war that’s being fought by only one side has a predetermined outcome.

     When masked and armed Leftists physically assault persons attending public events dedicated to freedom of expression, what possible argument can there be for not meeting their violence with violence of our own? When university officials and media figures routinely excuse the masked, armed Leftists, implicitly accepting their claim that the violence we suffer is our fault, how can we sit silently rather than giving their calumnies the appropriate responses?

     When scum such as failed comedienne Kathy Griffin make “humor” out of the beheading of President Trump, why is it incumbent upon us to be courteous? When morons such as Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert grotesquely insult the president, why must we be moderate in response? When a black racialist huckster and open Communist such as Van Jones characterizes Trump’s election as a “whitelash” against a black president and accuses President Trump of “treasonous language,” why are we obliged to sit quietly rather than to call him out for what he is? When actual terrorist Bill Ayres calls Christian conservatives hypocrites for our political stances, why are we required not to answer in kind?

     If I were an “unaligned American,” unwilling to commit to either party but attentive to the national discourse, to the policies enacted by the two parties, and to their demonstrable effects, I would be inclined to write off most of the Right as cowards, unwilling to stand in our own defense. Especially the “NeverTrump” quislings who claim to be conservatives but blanch when the Trump Administration delivers the policies – and the results – that they’ve prattled about for decades but never, in all their years of prominence, provided.

     Two years ago, I wrote:

     “The law of the jungle” is that of the moral vacuum: that state of affairs in which civilized laws and norms – i.e., the laws and norms of the Christian Enlightenment – have no (or inadequate) defenders. The conception separates societies ruled by mere force from those in which “rule,” as such, is rooted in the Enlightenment principle of individuals’ rights as superior to the claims of power and groups, married to the Christian Law of General Benevolence.

     If the American Republic, the most faithful political instantiation of the Christian Enlightenment, is to survive, it must be defended. To quote a vaguely remembered figure of modest political importance:

     “If not us, who? If not now, when?” – Ronald Reagan

     It’s time we got the lead out.


Andy Texan said...

I would emulate Chile of Pinochet and suspend Habeas Corpus for known left wing politicians, pundits, funders, NGOs, and media owner. And send them to Gitmo.

CW Buff said...

Right on, Frank. I think our lack of response is interpreted by those leftist radicals as a lack of resolve on our part. I believe it is lulling them into a false sense of security to the consequences of their current and intended actions. They don't realize the danger to which they are subjecting themselves... CW Buff out...

Unknown said...

I don't moderate anymore because the Left is relentless and doesn't give up on any points it tries to subject people of common sense to. The Left is relentless and needs to be met with common sense and right thinking Americans in the same manner. I will never give up nor keep quiet.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Few officials simply do their jobs. Instead they embrace sanctuary cities; won't stop public spaces from being used as latrines and shooting galleries; won't put troops on the border; won't expel illegals; won't respond to subpoenas; won't prosecute AntiFa scum; won't stop subsidizing bastardy; won't hold blacks to account for their academic failure, hatred of whites, violence and city-destroying ways; won't act against subversion; won't eliminate crippling senate rules that clearly favor the enemy left and defeat the will of the people; won't act against vote fraud; won't stop unconstitutional and illegal wars; won't work things out with the Russians; won't protect free speech and oppose laws against "hate speech;" won't stop insane spending; and won't stop making court rulings that the federal government can do anything it wants under the Constitution.

No end to this is in sight. A man who made noises about draining the swamp hasn't done that and by all appearances has not even a surface understanding of the issues just mentioned.

Reg T said...

Some years ago (2009 or 2010) I wrote that while (true) conservatives tend to be polite in their discourse, civil in their treatment of even those who were uncivil to them, it was high time for us to _stop_ being civil to those who have openly stated they will destroy us. Not simply Iran or North Korea, but the whole of the Left. Not just the Democrats here in America, not just the RINOs who have betrayed us and continue to do so, but the Left in Germany, England, France, Italy, as well as those nearer to us.

I was taken to task by those whom I believed "had my back", those who seemed to understand what is going on, and the incredible danger in allowing it to continue without dragging it out into the light and calling a spade a spade.

"We shouldn't lower ourselves to their level," they said. "We have to show we are better than them." "We have to practice what we preach."

So, far too many on the Right just don't get it. We can't bring a "turn the other cheek" mentality to a knife fight, but they just can't see it.

My only use for Farcebook is to bring the current state of our precarious position, the danger of being overrun politically and culturally by the remorseless Left, to the attention of family, friends, and whoever happens to read my always-public posts, along with the "sharing" of information from places like Jihad Watch, Sultan Knish, Clash Daily, and others.

I have pretty much withdrawn from most society, living in the mountains of SW Montana, retired and unwilling to deal with what passes for society today. But if/when the pot boils over, I do have some like-minded friends and neighbors who are willing to join in taking out the trash.

Until then, I will keep trying to inform and enlighten those who still can't see the forest for the trees. And continue to address the originator of Farcebook as "that Mother Zucker".

Reg T said...

In case you happened to have missed this: