Monday, May 14, 2018

Fear in America

It's primarily that of Conservatives leery of letting their non-conforming thoughts to be openly known. To 'out' yourself is to jeopardize your job, your place in the neighborhood, and, potentially, the academic, career, and social success of your children and spouse.

Reasonable cultural norms are HATED by the Left. But, the application of the, and the enforcement of them in public were a major reason why pre-1960's American society worked, mostly.

Not because Whites imposed their privilege on the darker others. But, because almost all people in that society accepted the cultural norms. As the post at the link says,
Liberalism is the politics of disharmony.
In other news, Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, is refusing to issue grants to charity organizations that will not sign a declaration that they support abortion on demand.

Commie B@st@rd.

I mean that literally.

Snopes goes to great lengths to refute that meme. They do so, however, using a very tight timeline for the potential conception. They spend a lot of time talking about the timing AFTER the wedding.

Not mentioned is any travel BEFORE the wedding, when it was clearly possible for the conception to have occurred.

The fact is, the reputed father and son look nothing like each other. Nor does Justin look like either of his brothers. Justin is within 1 inch of Fidel's height. His legal father, Pierre, was just 5'8" tall.

What's the big deal? After all, a son shouldn't be blamed for his parents.

True. However, this son goes to great lengths to act like his father. Autocratic, self-important, unwilling to bend his Leftist convictions.

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