Sunday, May 6, 2018

Not so amazing woman.

Theresa May[1] on some kind of a PR quest:

It’s stomach-churning to see female leaders of major Western nations don scarves and old blankets to grovel before Muslims and their tender sensibilities. Muslims who consider themselves defiled by mere contact with unrelated female flesh. Pelosi and Clinton have inspired Western women in similar fashion and who can forget Gen. Petraeus in full Afghan big kahuna rig meeting with that local guy. He's still shaking his head over the pandering and stupidity of the general.

Personally, I think showing up in the uniform of a general in the United States Army should be all that’s necessary to convey businesslike intent instead of decking oneself out like a circus magician.

The same goes for a prime minister of the United Kingdom, though the Prince of Wales can still act like a moron.

God bless Elizabeth for hanging on.

[1] "Britain prepares for action against Syria as May wins cabinet approval." By Middle East Eye and agencies, 4/12/18 (Reuters photo).


Wayne said...

Regarding the Prince of Wales. It's not an act.

Reg T said...

Damn. Wayne beat me to it.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Wayne, a sincere LOL on that quip!