Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cultural Ties

I've been writing on Right As Usual about culture, and how it, in its various forms, is far more important than politics.

The thing that MADDENS Leftists/Progressives/Woke Folks is that Trump doesn't even pretend to care about their cultural signaling. He just doesn't care.

So, he indulges his tastes:

  • Gold-covered everything
  • Good-looking women who like to dress fashionably
  • His name emblazoned on buildings and other projects
  • Distinctive hair and skin color
  • Bombastic language
  • An in-your-face way of interacting with employees and opponents
The Exquisite Elite © are reducing to sputtering incoherently, screaming "racist", "adulterer", and other such time-honored tools of their caste.

Alas. He simply does not care. It's as though the Rodney Dangerfield crass persona had come to life.

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