Saturday, May 5, 2018

Skripals: Fentanyl not nerve agent.

The U.K. government is and has been acting strangely in this whole Skripals business. The source below[1] has evidence of the use of fentanyl on the Skripals and also highlights strange and secretive behavior on the part of the government. Say it isn’t so!!!

This bit of humor in the source is choice:

The continued isolation (i.e., arrest and detention) of the supposedly recovering Skripals is not so funny and the apparent official silencing of the press are the usual greasy behavior one expects from that unfortunate excuse of a government known as the United Kingdom. I guess that habeas corpus as well as the prohibition against double jeopardy can be discarded in that Sceptic Isle like a used Kleenex.

[1] "The Silence Of The Skripals - Government Blocks Press Reports - Media Change The Record." By b, Moon of Alabama, 4/28/18.

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