Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Only Idiots Demand Saints In High Office

     Just a quick observation: It’s been said by many persons, on many occasions, that “Donald Trump is no saint.” What an incredible surprise! Are you a saint? Am I? (The answer to that latter query is “No and hell no!”) Besides, as Val Kilmer’s “Simon” character said in The Saint, “You have to be a very good, and usually very dead person to become a saint. And more importantly, you need to work three miracles.” Donald Trump, whatever else one might have to say about him, is not dead. So: no sainthood for President Trump...yet.

     But President Trump, as we say in the vineyards where actual work occurs, is getting the job done. He’s making good on his promises, to a degree that no previous Republican president has equaled since Warren Harding. Do his accomplishments as president rise to the miraculous level? Perhaps not quite, but they’re impressive nevertheless. Still and all, this crap about “sainthood” needs to be disposed of, lest we lose sight of the valid reasons to support a man for high office, which are as follows:

  • You approve of the policies he advocates;
  • You believe he will work to implement them.

     Now we have an idiot with a perch in the media – an idiot who wants to be taken for a conservative, mind you – saying the following:

     I’m not on Twitter; I regard it as the sewer into which all the dregs of “social media” have drained. But if I were, I would pose the following questions to Mr. French, in the hope that I might jar a few of his brain cells into functionality:

Do you know any saints running for high office?
Did you take Barack Obama for a saint?
Were you to be persuaded that Obama is a saint,
Would that make you approve of him as president?
What about Bill Clinton – or Hillary?

     French is sufficiently full of himself that he’d probably disdain to answer any of those questions as beneath the dignity of One Who Pontificates From A Height. But then, he’s full enough of another substance to need a hot, high volume enema. Two or three, even.

     And there’s also this saying, well known among Catholics:

Every saint has a past.
Every sinner has a future.

     Think about it.


Sam L. said...

French is a National Review NEVER-TRUMPER. I have no trust of or faith in anything he writes or says. He's around the bend and heading at top speed for the broken bridge over the chasm.


Brings to mind the Evan Sayet piece HE FIGHTS.


I'm tired of the milquetoast RINOs who keep surrendering and surrendering and surrendering. We fall back, and they advance. Trump said NO. Obviously the Left went nuts, but what shocked me (and still does) how many on the Right would rather lose the entire f*cking country to "a thousand years of darkness" rather than risk being disinvited from the beautiful-people cocktail parties.

Kye said...

French and people like him is the reason National Review will soon follow in the footsteps of The Weekly Standard. Neither is or has been for quite some time either conservative or representing the ideas of conservatives. They should both rot in hell like the quislings they are.