Thursday, February 14, 2019

Quickies: “Allies”

     I wish it to be known: I am no one’s “ally:”

  • No race;
  • No ethnicity;
  • No non-Christian creed;
  • No sexual orientation or deviation;
  • And great God in heaven, no “indigenous peoples.”

     So when I saw the following: reaped a belly laugh.

     These losers are attempting to reverse the verdict of history by playing on the consciences of the victors – nay, the descendants of the victors. Were there excesses? Yes. Were there atrocities? Yes. But they occurred on both sides of every confrontation. In any event, the guilt for any of those things that properly attaches to persons born long afterward is zero.

     Fuck the American Indian. His heritage is one of utter savagery, in war and in peace.
     Fuck the black savages of Africa. Their heritage is of superstition, rampant irrationality, slavery, and cannibalism – and those things are still being acted out today.
     Fuck the Arab / Muslim Middle East. Westerners are so greatly their superiors that they should drop to their knees and tug their forelocks when a white European passes them on the street.

     “White Man’s Burden” and “The Congo” express profound and irrefutable truths.

     Yes, I mean every word. Told you I was in a pissy mood.


Brenda said...

I couldn't agree more. And what about all they have appropriated????

Kye said...

Nothing pissy about it and I agree. Them them start non-appropriating all the white mans stuff start with the computer and printer that clowns sign was printed on and we'll go from there.

MrGarabaldi said...

If I had seen that sign I would have laughed...mocked the signmakers for being a dumbass with no clue on how the world really is then mocked it some more.