Monday, January 20, 2020

Climate change – the perfect excuse for political failure.

I know. It's hard to believe that politicians and bureaucrats don't have the ability or desire to anticipate problems. Such as, oh, demands on city water resources from (1) population increase and (2) inadequate maintenance and expansion of the water supply infrastructure.

But wait! There's a surefire solution for government failure.

To deal with ever changing weather, and slowly changing climate, requires good government and adequate national wealth, well spent, to prepare first for the present, and then for the inevitable but unpredictable possible futures. All three of the localities [Kathmandu, Nepal, Chennai, Indian and Cape Town, S. Africa] covered in the [New York "Climate Change Causes ED"] Times have not even properly planned for the present . . . .

Politicians fall back on blaming Climate Change — something they can’t be expected to be held responsible for — for their own shortcomings and failures.[1]

Just like Certain People who cling to the idea that they are "underprivileged" or that Certain Other People are racis'.

All part of that vast, vibrant human tapestry of shucking responsibility, denial of reality, hostility to free speech, fiscal lunacy, monetary excess, elite arrogance, endless war, reckless political experimentation, stupefying media, and institutionalized malice crafted to the very highest standards in the Western world.

[1] "Merchants Of Thirst." Authored by Kip Hansen, ZeroHedge, 1/16/20.


Tar said...

There's a dead giveaway that the people pushing the Green New Fraud aren't interested in fixing climate: they're ignoring the fact that NASA has had a hard fix for climate change (both global warming AND cooling) for over a decade, using on-the-shelf technology, just need the political will to pony up $20 billion or so to get it off the ground.

It's called a "Space Sunshade": launch a bunch of IR-filtering discs to L1 (gravitational null-point between the Earth and the Sun) and screen out excess IR light heading towards the Earth, while allowing visible light through. We can also send up mirrors (with IR filter components) to bounce IN sunlight that would normally miss us, increasing the efficiency of crop growth and power from solar panels on the ground, but screening out the IR to not add heat.

Note: this HARD FIX that we could scale up and down as necessary to offset whatever effects Humans or planetary processes like volcanoes produce on the ground (again, both vs. warming and cooling) and we might even be able to tailor-screen it so the poles, for instance, get more IR screening so they don't melt. Even if we increase the cost of the Space Sunshade by 250% to $50 billion, it's still less than 1/10th of 1% of the cost of the GND's $50-90 TRILLION.

But fixing the climate was never what the GND was about, was it?

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's certainly an imaginative "fix." Alas, it grants the premise of the climato-enviro zealots, namely, that man influences "climate" and he can fine tune it given sufficient will and resources. Climate change, Nazi, far-right, racist, homophobe, sexist, cultist, capitalist, neo-liberal, austerity, mean-spirited, hater, anti_Semite, inter alia, are all tried and true opening gambits in anything that approches a "debate" these days whereby the left attempts to open the chess match, so to speak, with an initial 10 moves before their opponent can make move one.