Thursday, January 30, 2020

The FAA Needs to Shut Flights DOWN!

China is still flying passengers to the USA, landing at Logan airport, among others. There really is NO need to continue these flights.

I realize that Trump is the guy who likes to coax people into a deal. It's a good tactic, as a person who believes that it's HIS idea to agree is a happier party to the contract, then one who is forced to sign.

But, this is a time for bringing the hammer down:

  • ALL flights with Chinese passengers must cease. NO person may leave China to come to the USA, while this epidemic is active. Heck, it wasn't that long ago that China FORBID their citizens to leave the country, and used the army to enforce that prohibition. If a Chinese national, or an American citizens leaves to go to China, they may not return, until the epidemic is over, however many months or years it takes.
  • If a passenger has traveled to a suspected source of the infection, they may not board (that's what passport control is for).
  • If a passenger, or any of their party, shows signs of illness, they must be taken off at the nearest available airport, and quarantined for at least 14 days. ALL of them.
  • If a person has a positive coronavirus test, they must be placed into quarantine. All food can be delivered (give them a voucher for a local grocery delivery service). Same with prescriptions and other necessities. Leaving will subject them to arrest and incarceration in solitary and BOTH hefty fines and a felony conviction - NOT negotiable, expungeable, or pardonable. The felony conviction stays on their record, lifelong. That's aimed at those snowflakes and other Elites that think the rules don't apply to them.
Why do I think this is necessary? Because China, a nation that tends to bury bad news, thinks it is. They are treating this seriously, therefore, prepare to panic.

Trump CAN do this. He MUST do this. Coronavirus has the potential to sink his administration, whether he survives the impeachment trial, or not.

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