Friday, January 10, 2020

Some Videos You'll Want to See

From - I really can't believe this - SNL, a funny skit on Election Night 2016. Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock are a scream!

My favorite montage - both for the clips, and for the underlying music!

Similar, but with a lightly different emphasis - BTW, the creator of this video has been demonitized by YouTube. Here's a link to his PayPal account.

Nancy gets in a reporter's face about saying she hates Trump (well, she does).

Nancy, Chuck, and Trump are talking about negotiations around the budget. Trump is talking to Nancy, repeating the same reasoning, and she is ignoring it. Chuck is, from the very start, getting belligerent and loud. Neither he nor Nancy have anything substantial to say, but they keep arguing.

The Video was titled, "Watch the full, on-camera shouting match between Trump, Pelosi and Schumer". Not accurate, nor balanced.

This last video is one that compares the political climates of America and Britain, and their leaders.

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