Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Too Soon? Nah.

I was looking at the new posts on Instapundit, and they are comedy gold - they rip the Please-Don't-R.I.P Soleimani a new one. Can't pick just one. Go see for yourself.

I'd been hoping that the Left would take the removal of an Iranian terrorist as a GOOD thing.

Yeah, I know, I'm a ridiculous optimist.

Look. We need ACTUAL non-Leftists, not just Never-Trumper Quislings representing us on the media.

For example, The View has NEVER had a Conservative that was capable of debating issues. I realize that such a person would be facing women who are both profoundly stupid, as well as Leftist Lemmings, and putting in a decent debater would be overkill. But sending in women who are expected to be the mildest, meekest opposition, is not helping our cause.

I like Candace Cameron Bure, and she did stoutly defend traditional family life, love of country, and other such Feel-y concepts. But, she wasn't prepared for a whole-hearted defense of capitalism and deregulation, the role of the Christian church in a modern society (NOT the Leftist Kumbuya version), and how schools need to stop playing around with curriculum (at great expense), and get back to K-8 basics:
Reading (phonics-based), Writing (grammar), and Math (no student heading to high school should be incapable of handling basic arithmetic). Throw in a PROPER civics education, fact-based history, and geography (including a test involving orienteering in an outdoor setting - you can wussy it up by tagging every kid with a GPS tracker for those failing to succeed in navigating to the goal). 
What else? Music appreciation, as well as both physical and digital music creation. Art appreciation, and also creating art with both physical and digital means. Yeah, throw in Phys Ed, but focus on two major things: fitness improvement - walking, running, lifting weights, balance, and team-building activities/sports. No PC games. No folk dancing. Actual standards, perhaps adjusted by kids' initial physical condition (but, with a MEASURABLE improvement standard).
Women's shows need to see actual conservative/libertarian opposition. Yes, that will mean that a few intelligent women will be reduced to gentle mocking, rather than actual debate. You couldn't have that - the Leftist women would scream incoherently, or dissolve into a puddle of tears and claim 'triggering'.

Frankly, I'm not all that excited about putting in Libertarians. Libertarians will not provide a defense of our traditional culture. That's what makes them semi-respectable to the Left.

This is a CULTURE War. Politics is downstream - a long ways downstream - from the culture. It needs to be defended. If you honestly asked the daytime audience:
Do you REALLY want your children - even if over 18 and in college - to engage in sex with random strangers, whose last name they don't even know? To have oral sex to avoid full-on sex with someone they DON'T want to have intercourse with? To drink to insensibility on a regular basis? To have these escapades video'd and posted to social media?
The answers would be: no, no, no, and HELL, no.

On another topic:

Opposition to non-Leftist policies is not new. It's been going on for some time. But, why?
...history shows that protests are organized first by militant, radical fringe parties and then get taken over by more centrist voices as the movement grows. They provide a vessel for people who want to protest.“
 Leftists are perfectly fine with oppression. What they oppose is the dissident political entities, not their actions. Leftists are just hunky-dory with war, theft, deliberate starvation, genocide, and trampling on human rights.

They just want to be the ones that do it. They USE their opposition to any of the above as a tactic, designed to bring more people under their influence.

I had a completely lazy weekend. I slept, lounged about, and read more than I have in months. I feel refreshed.

I also had a small epiphany. When my husband is not around, I seldom watch TV. It's not uncommon for me to take a week-long break when he's gone. To call him an addict is harsh,'s not uncommon for him to have TWO TVs going in different rooms.

I may talk to him about having some time each day without the TV on - perhaps we can compromise with some music playing in the background (softly)?


Brenda said...

Most television is garbage and not worth watching. I agree the TV should be off most of the time. My husband is a news junkie. He only watches at night when he is home from work and a couple of days a week we watch a home remodeling show. I can deal with that much. Wishing you the best with the music option!

John said...

Put Milo on The View.

Ratings would go through the roof. And heads would explode everywhere.